"Children are not waiting to be taught, but for the opportunity to learn themselves."
(Paolo Cagliari)

Primary II (6-12 year olds):

Basic tasks of Primary II:

(based on Austrian curriculum and standard of Association Montessori Internationale)


Language focus:

- German reading comprehension: textual interpretation / understanding of text

- literature Workshops

- Understanding

- Interpretation

- English as an everyday language with native speakers


- freewriting: uncensored creativity, expression, and communication ( en / ger )

- consolidation of spelling and grammar ( en / ger )


Mathematics :

- Pursued mathematics (with Montessori equipment and next levels of abstraction)


Science and culture:

Biology, Geography, Physics and Chemistry are taught within projects that follow the interests of the children. Experts can be invited to give more details about special subjects.



- Europe

- the European Union

- culture (Land - People - Music - Literature - Economy - Culture )

- animal care (animal care and observation, working with veterinarians, animal shelter , etc.)

- ethics ( World Religions )

Natural Sciences:
- basic knowledge and experiments in Physics

- fundamental knowledge and experiments in Chemistry


Art and Creative projects:

every Friday is “creative day” from 08:00 to 13:00 with these offers:

working with different materials

  • art in nature

  • theater / performing arts (in English or German)
  • dance and musical courses