Educational Center Sonnberg

Montessori pedagogy with focus on foreign languages

The Pedagogical Center Sonnberg, located on the outskirts of Vienna at the foot of the Vienna Woods, offers high quality care based on the principles of Montessori education from toddlerhood to adolescence. Appreciation of each individual child forms the core of our thoughts and actions. Our goal lies in supporting the development of their potential. 

--> Montessori toddler group (1-3 year olds)

--> Montessori preschool (3-6 year olds)

--> MIS-Montessori International School (6-18 year olds)

Montessori International School

At the MIS - Montessori International School we want to ensure the continuity of our pedagogy and language comprehension! We offer a school based on individualisation and differentiation with focus on foreign languages in accordance with international standards (AMI). Details can be found on our website, or discussed in person:


Some exampls of successful graduates of Montessori educational establishments:

both Google founders, Amazon founders, Facebook founder & chief Zuckerberg, F. Hunderwasser, Heike Makatsch, Hilary & Bill Clinton, George Clooney,...more

Montessori PRESCHOOL (3 to 6 year olds)

Children from 3 to 6 years of age find a warm atmosphere and individual care in our preschool with its sizeable garden. Highly qualified and committed and only English speaking Montessori teachers accompany the children throughout their day (afternooncare with German native speakers). Further emphasis is placed on learning Mathematics, Language, Science, creativity and musical skills. more

English/German Montessori TODDLER GROUP (1 to 3 year olds)

Bac. Barbara Gruber (Studies of Pedagogy and Montessori pedagogue for the preschool and 1,5 to 3 year olds) leads with our Montessori toddler group.

The focus of educating toddler aged children is placed on care of the environment, care of self, sensorial activities and development of social relations. more


The children are accompanied through their first social experiences in a group in a calm and pleasant atmosphere, where they happily discover Montessori materials, GRASP with all their senses, while parents are given time for the most essential questions concerning the first years of life...more

„… every time we teach a child something early, which the child could have discovered later on his own, we keep him from discovering it himself and thus understanding it completely. 


(Jean Piaget, Swiss psychologist, 1896 - 1980)

Pedagogical Center Sonnberg – lifelong learning for the whole family

The integrity of each individual child, his/her positive development and strive toward autonomy are the focus of our educational efforts. The Pedagogical Center Sonnberg offers high quality care from toddlerhood to adolescence. We apply the principles of Montessori education as scientifically documented through recent studies in their entirety in a holistic approach. In doing so, we provide each child individually with the environment for concentrating, learning, developing and being themselves. Thanks to our close proximity to the beautiful Perchtoldsdorf heathland, our 2000 mpremises (our location in the peaceful, exclusive Sonnberg quarter) and our 12.000 m2 premises in Herzogbergstrasse our children experience nature, the laws of nature and natural sciences in practice. By means of the complete original Montessori materials we provide the children with ample food for thought. Through our clear structures and principles they become part of a community, experience social interaction both as an individual and as part of a group.


                                                               Mag. Nicola Kovacic